The art of representing objects in section, elevation and plan in order to cut them out. - Louis Mazerolle

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stereotomy Blog - the Making Of

For those who might be interested in how I do the illustrations for Stereotomy Blog, I've started a series on my computer graphics blog Shiny Dynamics. I use the open-source 3D modeling program Blender; my first post explains how to draw a convincing wood grain in Blender. Future posts will cover topics such as:
  • Non-realistic shading used by technical illustrators;
  • Emphasizing edges using the Freestyle rendering extension;
  • Integrating geometry and images from a 2D CAD program;
  • Drawing on objects using an external program, like in the images in the French scribe method post.
If your interests lie in that direction, check it out.

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